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Our Fields of Expertise

Video Surveillance

Do you know where your mate is? We'll find out for you!

If you have doubts about where your significant other is going, find out the truth with our video surveillance services. We will find out who they are seeing, where, and when. One to four investigators utilizing their own vehicles and two-way communications will conected these surveillances. Most of the time the surveillance can be done with one investigator and one vehicle depending on how complex the case is. We have high quality night vision video cameras at our disposal to help us find out where your mate is.

You need to know the truth for peace of mind! A video does not lie.

Child Custody and Divorce Matters

Do you want to obtain custody? We can help you deal with an un-cooperative ex-spouse. In child custody and divorce situations, often times the one that wins hires a private investigator to "get the evidence."

Any information you compile today can mean the difference in your case. Don't get caught short! Once you lose the opportunity, it's gone forever.

Background and Employee Investigation

We offer complete background investigations including criminal and civil information, lawsuits, judgments, where they work, live, and much more.

We also offer employee screening. For example, if the person you're hiring lies about their true identiy. We can also find out if they have been convicted of a crime, convicted of thievery, take a look at their driving record, or see if the eductional background they claim is accurate.


Where is the money? You need to find it!

Are you splitting up? Where is the money? Need to find if there are hidden bank accounts locally or off-shore? Do they claim to have no job or income? Do they own any real estate that you don't know about? We comply with all state and federal regulations when searching for bank accounts to obtain this information. Let's surprise them in court when we find out the truth for you.

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